What is all the fuss about?

One of our clients wrote a very kind testimonial about her experience with us and it really got us thinking....but first, check out the love here

Anyways...she almost didn't reach out to us, even though she needed help and her dog needed help. 

Why you might ask? Because we use prong collars. She thought this collar would hurt her dog.

Well behaved pit bull. Madison WI dog training

Funny enough, before I was a Dog Trainer, I didn't realize there was such a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge on aversive training tools. As a dog owner, I always thought "I'm going to do what works for my dog and what helps my dog." Simple as that.

So, what's all the fuss about? Are they glamorous looking? NOPE. Do they help open the line of communication through the leash when used properly? YUP.

Rather than telling people they are "wrong" for thinking a certain tool is "bad" we strongly believe in educating dog owners about the tools and their proper use. They can then make an educated opinion.

The tool doesn't train the dog. It is how the tools are used and applied in the training that make them magical!

There will always be those who have ill thoughts about such tools, that's fine. Their loss! We just don't want to see dogs & dog owners struggle anymore.

If that means a certain tool helps them make progress, then that is GREAT! It could be a prong collar, remote collar, slip lead, harness, clicker, muzzle...you name it. If it helps your dog, do it. We just know what we have had success with and what we haven't had success with.

We are PROUDLY Balanced Dog Trainers and we love dogs. We love them enough to provide them with a balance of punishment and positive rewards. Without discouraging poor behaviors, how can we encourage positive behaviors?

Let's open up the conversation. If you have reservations about something but are curious, let's chat. We are here for you & we are here for your dog!

Madison WI dog training. Happy pit bull