I found Kaitlin on Instagram one day and started following her looking for tips about training my three year old rescue, Maddie. Maddie was fairly well behaved but had some manner issues that I wanted to deal with. I saw that Kaitlin used prong collars, which I was initially nervous about, I didn’t know my dogs history and was afraid of hurting her. I reached out though after watching her videos with other dogs and thought Maddie and I could really benefit from her training. We set up an appointment and she showed me the correct size of collar and where to place it on Maddie so it doesn’t hurt, something I never would have felt comfortable doing on my own. We took Maddie for a walk and after just a few minutes I couldn’t believe the difference in her! Maddie was more engaged with me, wasn’t pulling and trying to run all over the place, wasn’t as reactive when we saw another person. It was an amazing change. Kaitlin was so helpful, even after we went home I could reach out and ask questions or ask for clarification. She has a passion for helping both dogs and their owners and it really comes through in her training. I would highly recommend her to any dog owner, if you have have a dog with “issues” of just need some manners work like I did!
— Kate Switzer
I have been working with KANE9 for my two dogs and I can’t begin to say how great it has been. Kaitlin is a different kind of trainer, she understands that every single dog has it’s own needs and it’s own plan for training. Having two different dogs, it’s been so wonderful working with her on their own special needs. She also advocates for all dogs. Having two bully breed dogs, it’s a breath of fresh air knowing that she understands the need to advocate for them, as well as all breeds of dog. I have already seen so much of a change in both of my dogs as well as gained so much knowledge for myself. She helps train the dogs as well as their handlers. I love that she really breaks things down so they are more understandable for for people who may not understand dog training techniques. I highly recommend KANE9 to all who want a better relationship with their pups!
— Megan Summers
Kaitlin is amazing to work with! She’s super passionate about providing both owners and dogs with the tools they need to succeed. Her ability to read dogs and adjust on the fly is very helpful. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with her skills! #KANE9ROCKS
— Nicole Whitty
We have been working with KANE9 since July 2017 after adopting our American Pitbull mix, Remmy. He was only seven months at the time, and similar to other puppies, he was packed with energy. We would go for long walks, runs and play ball for hours while his energy level remained the same. It wasn’t until we began training with Kaitlin, and she showed us the “magic trick” to drain some of our little guys energy - MENTAL EXERCISE. The first day working with Kaitlin included roughly an hour and a half of training including work on his walk. The result? An extremely tired pup who no longer pulled when walking on his leash. KANE9 has, and continues to provide us with the skills, patience, encouragement and knowledge needed for training our adorable, but very stubborn, energetic little fur baby. Remmy is becoming a more balanced dog everyday. He now has a firm foundation of training to continue to build upon. We are thankful for all of the work KANE9 puts towards training us and Remmy!
— Rachel Hoyord

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